Evening Post Industries
  • Charleston, SC
  • Broadcasting
  • Publishing
  • Interactive
  • Real Estate

Our History

Evening Post Industries' began as a family-owned newspaper publishing company.

Courier Square

Update on Evening Post Industry's real estate development in downtown Charleston

A New Name

Evening Post Publishing Company has changed its name to Evening Post Industries.

Focus on the community

Arthur Manigault, a successful rice planter, formed the Evening Post Publishing Company in 1896 to acquire the Charleston Courier which began publication in 1803. It was from this beginning in newspaper publishing in Charleston, South Carolina that Evening Post Industries was born.

Today, EPI owns a wide range of newspaper, television, interactive, real estate and forestry investments with an operating platform poised for diversification and an aggressive acquisition strategy. Through information, real estate development & health and welfare, our company's focus is on companies that build community and continue the legacy of the Manigault family.

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